Kirin Brewery’s Nagoya Factory【My experience recording ENver】


Hello. I’m Mugikaze Yumeko.
This time, I would like to report Kirin’s beer factory tour.
You can join this tour for free.
Furthermore, at Kirin’s factory,
You can drink and compare the “first squeezed wort” and the “second squeezed wort”.
This is quite interesting.
So, are you ready?
We will go!!

1.How to go to Kirin Brewery’s Nagoya Factory

【about  Kirin Brewery’s Nagoya Factory】
Address: 100, Terano Hanagasa, Kiyosu City, Aichi Prefecture Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd. Nagoya Factory
Closed days: Closed on Mondays (If Monday is a national holiday, closed the following day instead)
Reservation site: 

Factory tours require a reservation, so please make a reservation in advance on the website.
The Factory is accessible by foot,or by bus,from the closest station;“Biwajima Station”.
Today, I will explain about how to go there by bus.
There is a shuttle bus stops at Biwajima Station on the JR Tokaido Line.
Because the shuttle bus was crowded, you might like to get there in good time.
※you can not make reservations
It takes 10 minutes by shuttle bus from Biwajima Station to Kirin Nagoya Factory.
At the entrance, there is gold shachihoko.

Huge! Gold! Flashy! As expected, it is Nagoya.

Once into the factory, there is a reception.
After reception, wait for a while in  waiting room.

In the waiting room,there are exhibition about KRIN’s historical information.
I studied a lot. It might be interesting just to see this.

2. Factory tour

Upon entering the factory, there was a segmet where beer ingredients were explained.
You can pick the hop up and smell it,furthermore, you can compere the “first squeezed wort” and the “second squeezed wort”.
TVCM say that “キリン一番搾り(KIRIN ichiban shibori)” uses only first squeezed wort.
so, I wondered “That’s what wort and what taste?”

You will know the truth  by actually drinking.

Look at the upper picture.The darker is the first squeezed wort.

The first squeezed wort is so sweet.
Feeling that all the sweetness of wheat is packed. Tasty!
The wort is then dropped with yeast,
As fermentation breaks down sugar into carbon dioxide and alcohol,
The sweetness will disappear to some extent.
In addition, you can see the huge beer tank and the packaging process.
If you look at the equipment up close, you will be surprised at its size.

3. Tasting segment

At the tasting segment of the factory, you can drink up to three glasses of your favorite beer.
Snacks are distributed free of charge to everyone, and you can buy more at the stall when you are starving.

Beer that can be poured from the serve some were offered in bottled beers.

you can drink not only “KIRIN ichibanshibori” but also various beers,

The lineup depends on what the factory is brewing at that time.
It seems to change.

4. Conclusion

Factory tours are recommended because you can see the beer brewing process from up close.
Non alcohol drink is also served,so many people came with their kids.
Kirin Brewery’s Nagoya Factory is enjoyable for tourist.
How about going out on a vacation ?
※I just studing english. If you find some mistakes please tell me by comment.
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